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Getting your book published.

If you have finally written that book, there are basically five ways that you can get it published. One way to go is to find a literary agent to represent you or you can approach the traditional mainstream publisher yourself. Then again, if you relish the challenge of publishing the book yourself either because you do not want to loose creative control of your work or you are looking for a bigger financial return, you may consider Self publishing. You can do this by either using a local printer or using an on-line Print On Demand service like Lastly, there is the option of embracing the technology and market place of the world wide web and producing your book as a piece of digital information or e-book.

Publishing through an agency.

Finding yourself a literary agent can be a great time saver. If you can get your book, accepted by an agent who is on the inside of the literary network, they will be able to help guide you through the system. First of all, and most importantly, they will tell you if your book is marketable, you do not want to waste time and energy flogging a dead horse. That is not to say that your book is bad, just that it is not saleable. This can be a fine distinction and there can be many reasons. If they do decide to recommend it, that will almost guarantee that your manuscript will be read by a publishing house. If the agent believes your book is worth representing they will draw up a contract, and in return for about 15% of the entire deal your agents will work extremely hard to get your manuscript into a publishing house.

Depending whether you’ve written a work of fiction or non-fiction, you will be able to find someone suitable by paging through a publishing guide directory. Most agents have built up contacts in a particularly genre, so it is worth checking what previous books they have helped published. You can then make contact by sending them a short query letter as way of an introduction to yourself and your idea. Include enough information to arouse interest and take it from there.

Going with a traditional publisher. 소액결제현금화

You can of course try to cut out the middleman and go it alone. You will need to do a bit research and find out which publishing house prints books similar to the one you have written. Again, you will have to contact them by sending a short query letter and hopefully you will get a request to submit your manuscript. Be prepared, if they like your book you will probably be asked to pitch it to them in person. In fact, this is one part of writing that some authors still feel uneasy with but you must be prepared to market yourself. As budgets get tighter for publishing houses, authors are expected to do a major part of their own marketing.

You must also be prepared for rejection if you use this method. Many of the larger publishing companies will not risk their money on an unknown author,. This is one advantage of using the literary agent, as their judgement is trusted and will go a long way to influence the publisher’s decision in your favour..

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